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1. Formula Experiences 1131 North Paddock Lane VIRginia International Raceway Alton, VA 24520 Typical 2 Day Driving Experience Itinerary for Corporate or Group Event ✓ Program can start as early as 10 am with non - driving activities including: Karting, Autocross, Off - road, Gun Range Shooting, and Skeet Shooting ✓ Driving Experience starts 5 pm the night before with dinner and orientation ✓ After dinner, you practice on simulators and go for intense night ride - along ✓ Main day starts at 7:30 am with breakfast and car control instruction ✓ Then head to track in SUV to learn the course with pro coaches ✓ It is now time to get you on track with your driving sessions ✓ At lunch break, we review morning driving sessions as group ✓ After lunch, we have pro coaches take everyone for high speed ride - alongs ✓ Then you get back on track for more driving sessions ✓ Day ends with pictures and drinks to relax and celebrate Located at VIRginia International Raceway’s 1300 - acre motorsports resort For Pricing and Booking, please call (919) 741 - 7151 or [email protected]


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