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1. Formula Experiences 1131 North Paddock Lane VIRginia International Raceway Alton, VA 24520 The Ultimate Racecar Driving Experience at VIR featuring the only formula and prototype race car driving AND riding experience in America Come experience our modern downforce open cockpit racecars that will assault your senses with hurricane winds, over 2G’s braking/cornering, and screaming engines. We have five ways to drive : • Exclusive Driving Programs for novice to experienced track drivers • Racecar Rental for VIR track days with downforce cars & race - prepped sportscars • Private Group & Corporate Events – Fully customized for up to 24 people • Arrive & Drive annual packages to get you on track without bringing your own car • Official SVRA licensing school with your car or with our racecars Located at VIRginia International Raceway, your experience is set at a 1300 - acre motorsports resort, with trackside accommodations, gourmet dining, and activities including Karting, Autocross, Off - road, Gun Range Shooting, and Skeet Shooting For Pricing and Booking, please call (919) 741 - 7151 or [email protected]


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