Prior to all Formula Experiences programs, participants will be required to sign personal risk & liability waivers, indemnifying Formula Experiences and VIR of any injury, loss or damages to their person incurred during the event.

Formula Experiences offers a full range of high performance race cars.  As in all forms of motor sports, crash damage responsibility is sometimes a reality.

Our damage policy holds participants responsible for ALL accident damage to any of our cars and the track when driving.  We offer optional crash damage insurance.  The insurance policy cost $500 and has a deductible of $3000 plus coinsurance of 25% for any damage above the $3000 deductible.  


Crash Damage

Premium + Deductible

25% Co-Insurance

Total Covered
by Insurance














If you decline the insurance option, you will be responsible for all damages to the car and track. We must have a $3000 crash deposit held on your credit card or with a check before you can drive at the event.