mARCH 7th exclusive full course test day  with Ross Bentley and Peter Krause
     and the Formula Experiences expert team at VIR 

     For only $695*  for exclusive private test day on full course with top coaches in America 

    Ross Bentley is  best selling author of Speed Secrets and top global racing coach
    Peter Krause is a VIR expert, top national coach and data analysis wizard

    Formula Experiences (Wyatt Foster & Peter Heffring) with over 10,000 miles racing at VIR 

    * Limited to 50 drivers.  Must complete tech inspection form and bring to event.

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                        Formula Experiences has racecar rentals available for this event
                         if you cannot bring your own car.  click for rental options

                        Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                         March 7th private open track test day with Ross and Peter

                        March 6th evening fireside chat with Ross and Peter
                        March 7th format is open track with unrestricted access for 8 hours
                        with open wheel and closed wheel run groups that includes:

                         -  Advanced instruction with Ross
                         -  Video track walk with Peter
                         -  Individual video and data analysis
                         -  Practice on four pro simulators
                         -  Formula Experiences team for coaching tips to go fast at VIR
                         -  Access to private formula Experiences Facility